3 Ways to Lower Election Anxiety

3 Ways to Lower Election Anxiety

November 8th cannot come soon enough.

That’s the sentiment I hear from a lot of people.  Regardless of who a person is voting for, the consensus seems to be “enough already”.

Chances are, you already know if you’re going to vote and, if so, who you’re going to vote for.  You already have a set of beliefs about the candidates, so at this point getting any more “information” about this election is pointless.

So how then can a person manage to get through the next few days without being bombarded with talk of politics?

  • Turn off the television

Yes, I know.  It’s tough.  Almost like turning away from a wreck.  You don’t want to look, but you just can’t seem to help it.  However, the constant political chatter is simply noise at this point.  Nothing new is going to be said or done, so you’re not missing anything.  Actually, the quiet can be very calming.

  • Limit or get off social media

Unless you actually love to debate politics, social media is not the place to be around election time.  There will inevitably be those friends who have to constantly comment on any and everything political. Or, they’ll comment about how disgusted they are that you would vote for_____ (fill in the blank with either candidate).

If getting off social media seems extreme, consider blocking these political minded people from your feed.  You’re still friends, but you don’t have to read every thing they post.  Once the election is over, you can unblock them if you choose to.

  • Focus on what you have control of

It’s very easy to get caught up in fear.  We can easily become convinced that the world will go to hell if such and such candidate wins.

The fact is, we only have so much control.  We can vote.  We can pray. We can work hard to make sure our lives are the best they can be. We can work to help others.

Focusing on what we do have control over can help us regain a sense of perspective and hope.  Whoever wins this election, his or her control should not be allowed to extend to our daily living.


As we get closer to a new era in politics, it may help to hold on to one truth.  Regardless of who this country inaugurates in January, your family, your life, and your beliefs are your own.  And YOU, not anyone else, has the power to change that.




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