Middle School Girls Group

A sense of connection is important for teens’ mental health.  Middle school can create a sense of isolation and lead to feelings of depression and anxiety for many kids.  Groups can be the answer for that isolation.  In the middle school group, the focus is on building relationships with other teens.  Your teen will learn how to better communicate her needs and feelings to not only her peers, but to parents as well.  

So if you have a middle schooler who is experiencing:

  • low self-esteem
  • conflicting feelings about physical appearance
  • issues with navigating the middle school social scene, from boys to friends to frenemies

She can benefit from this group by:

  • a better sense of self
  • relating to other teens and feeling understood
  • improving mood
  • managing emotional highs and lows in a healthy way
  • establishing healthy peer relationships and support

Parents benefit too!  Weekly parent newsletter sent home with the girls to give mom and dad information on:

  • weekly group topic
  • conversation starters
  • parenting tips on how to encourage self esteem and self-reliance in your middle schooler
  • how to enjoy the middle school years 


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